What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes circumstances change and that sometimes people have to cancel plans that is why our system of payment at site allows you with maximum flexibility. We ask only that you let us know as soon as you know, so that we may cancel the guides and allow them to better plan their time.  of course the closer we are to the day of the tour the harder it is to get a full refund. Our cancellation fee is necessary as there are administrative and logistical costs involved, but it is also progressive and depends on the time of cancellation. Please keep in mind that if you cancel within the last 7 days before your tour date we can not provide a refund, as the funds are at that time split with tour partners, insurance handlers and other partners.

If we cancel (for weather or other objective reasons) we will offer you option to reschedule to another date.

To cancel you tour please contact us at hq@nexthorizon.ba, and make sure to include your full name and tour details.

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